Memorial Stone

A personal creation


A memorial is a very personal creation and becomes a visible memory of the person who has died.

Grave Memorials can range from a small plaque to mark the grave, to a very individual headstone with grave surround or statue. If you plan to bury your loved one's ashes, you may choose to mark the burial with a plaque.

Some cemeteries restrict the type of grave memorial you can erect - we can advise you on any restrictions that apply where you wish to mark the grave. Also there is usually a significant time delay until you will be allowed to erect the memorial (usually 3 months), to allow the ground to settle around the grave, so there is absolutely no need to rush into a decision.

Our memorial stone mason Joseph Richmond & Son can supply memorials in York Stone, Marble or Granite in a variety of shapes and sizes. The prices vary considerably, depending on type of stone, size and style. They can talk you through what may be best for your needs and budget.

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